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Slot Machine Strategies and Cheats: Nudge and Hold

Slot Machine Cheats

You are viewing a page dedicated to special slot machine strategies series called Slot Machine Cheats. In this article, you will learn about a slots trick using the nudge and hold feature of many fruit machines.

Keep in mind that slot machine cheats featured here may work with some machines and not others. Always observe your chosen slot machine for a good while before trying any tricks on it. Good luck!

Slot Machine Cheat - Nudge and Hold

Newer fruit machines typically have "hold" and "nudge" features in them. This trick shows you how to manipulate them to get the machine to pay out.

Of course, we know that the slot machine owners don't want us to win. When you are offered a nudge, it is often less than what you need to win. For example, if a cherry is on the line and two other cherries are above the line, you will be offered only one nudge.

Now the fruit machine is assuming you want to nudge one of the cherries above the line. But that would not be the right thing to do. Instead, you will try to confound the machine by doing the opposite of what it expects you to do.

What you to do is keep the two cherries on top and nudge the third cherry off the line. This puts a different symbol on the line. Your unexpected move throws the fruit machine off-course. Now what?! This is when you get to use the nudge-hold cheat

Nudge two unlikely choices to the line. You want to puzzle the machine even more with this.

After you have used up your nudges, the fruit machine will offer you a hold option. Ignore this offer. You must not retain two symbols simultaneously or you will be doing what the machine expects. If you do what the machine expects, it will go back to normal. So don't hold two symbols and just turn on the spin. To get out of this mess, the poor fruit machine will be forced to spin a three-symbol winner.

Nudge the lowest win to position. When a hold is offered, ignore it. Just start the spin and the fruit machine will now yield the three-symbol winner. Hooray for you!

What do you do after this? Well, you can collect your money and quit for the day. Or you can play with the same slot machine and repeat the cheat. Be careful not to be make your moves obvious though. A winning gambler should never make it known that they are winning. Hide your profits and guard your trade secrets! Have fun!